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Outdoor restaurant

Fireside Lounge

In compliance with Oregon's COVID-19 guidelines, the Fireside Lounge is closed until further notice. 

The Fireside Lounge is a cozy gathering place featuring a central fireplace surrounded by couches, where guests enjoy fine wines, local beers, seasonal cocktails, with a special lounge menu and live music.

Join us for Happy Hour every day 4-7pm. Minors welcome until 8pm.

For entertainment booking inquiries, please contact: 503-874-2514 or


Monday 2:30pm - 10pm

Tuesday 2:30pm - 10pm

Wednesday 2:30pm - 10pm

Thursday 2:30pm - 10pm

Friday 2:30pm - 10pm

Saturday 2:30pm - 10pm

Sunday 2:30pm - 10pm

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